MINISTERIAL-This ministry is to equip those who have expressed a divine calling upon their lives to teach the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, do the work of an Evangelist, labor as servant leaders and minister to those locally and abroad

HOSPITALITY-This ministry serves in respective areas of the church mainly to greet, welcome, direct and offer information to our members, visitors and guests

CHILDREN-(ages 3-11) To introduce our children to Jesus Christ and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer and solid biblical truths.

YOUTH - (ages 12-18) To promote and develop youth to a spiritual maturity that leads to personal, relational and educational success. 

WOMEN’S-(female gender ages 18 and older) this ministry is design to build sisterhood, motherhood as well as empower, equip, inspire to fulfill their God given destiny.

MEN’S-(male gender ages 18 and older) This ministry is the development of Godly men through biblical principles to be effective in their homes, church, and communities.

SINGLE’S-It is geared with off-campus social interaction and on campus thought provoking sessions to keep the singles of spiritual temple in a mindset of wholesome growth and divinely inspiration

MUSIC- This department includes musicians, choirs, worshipers and praise dancers